eShop is an accessible shopping cart plugin created to run on WordPress blogs.This wordpress plugin has a wide selection of various features,like sales data,option of payment options,built with basic statistics,being able to API or to integrate product and list products,including basic statistics,basic stock inventory of products,selection of discount options. Most importantly,Options with various techniques to be able to link with multiple merchant gateways including Paypal and etc.Merchant gateways is included but no longer supported:, Payson, eProcessing,Network,Webtopay,iDEAL,Cheque and Cash!The option of user friendly email templates,WPMU compatable with multisite function with wordpress selection.

You can find out more here with the short code that has to be added to the word press page to integrate the plugin.There are plenty of options with this plugin.It has always been one of my favorites.Especially a plugin that is free and has all the options of the paid cart plugins.Here is the link to find out the options for this plugin.

Some Good drawbacks about this plugin is the option for a user in your wordpress blog to be able to use Eshop features.But i think the drawback is a good thing.If a wordpress owner wants to give a member to the wordpress site,features to be able to use the plugin then the admin of the site should allow the user to have a administrative role of the wordpress site to be able to use the functions of the Eshop word-press plugin.That is the whole security thing to keeping a wordpress plugin secure and the transactions that the plugin performs.If you need to setup a user privilege for the plugin then understand the developer may not honor the changes that have to be made to give user privileges to use Eshop on a website.But here is the link:

Understand that this plugin may not be technique with
Where i have seen some issues.But again the plugin works awesome with papal.PayPal is want most eCommerce sites use anyway.All plugins have there advantages and disadvantages.But the disadvantages are associated with reasons that all plugin codes are not comparable with every cart site in the doesn’t make it a bad plugin.Anytime a website owner tries to add new features to a plugin is usually going to run into problems.Most of the time it is because the wordpress plugin works for a reason and is coded for a certain reason to work only with a selection of codes.

I have the Eshop plugin and have not had no issues with it at all.There where some reviews that had questions about the plugin working with but in reality the eshop main page has on the description that the plugin doesn’t work well with a selection of other gateways.Always research and read everything on any plugin that you use.Because the developer will have all information that you need to tell you when the plugin was updated and what wordpress update it will work with.

The customer support is awesome also.There where some reviews about the support of the plugin.But what do you expect when the developers have inquired a lot of time to code this plugin and making it free as well.Every free plugin i have every seen the support is slow sometimes and the devs have other projects to work on.But they usually will reply when they have time to answer a question.I have purchase some paid wordpress plugins that didn’t answer a support question for a week.I appreciate a plugin that has so much to offer with free on it.

Over all i have researched information about eshop wordpress plugin and i have read positive reviews about this plugin.If you need a cart wordpress plugin for your wordpress website then you may want to give this wordpress plugin a try.Again just read on there download page which payment gateways this plugin works well with.If you are using the gateway payment sites that this plugin doesn’t work that well with then you may want to search for other plugins.Any plugin you are using always update your wordpress plugins and read what changes are being made to any wordpress plugin.Because the developers have to change the code for some plugins to make them more secure and compatible with the updates with wordpress software.


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