These days there are so many wordpress plugins that it is very hard to choose which video plug in you want to use and what to use it for.One great advantage with being able to choose what wordpress plugin you need is that there are plenty of choices for choosing a particular video wordpress plugin.There are free and paid wordpress plugins that do pretty much the same thing.There are only three choices in choosing a wordpress plugin for your website.
Those three choices are paid,free and nulled.If you choose the nulled version then i would change my mind quickly.Because you don’t know what code is hidden in that nulled video wordpress plugin.Nulled plugins are popular but in reality when a plugin has been nulled the developer support is usually gone and the developers security lines of code in that plugin have been disabled.So watch any kind of plugin or software,themes and anything else in the matter to nulled.

Free plugins are awesome.Again you have to scan free plugins also.It is according where you download them from.If you download any free wordpress plugin i would still run a virus total on the plugin and download link also before downloading anything.Paid version of a video wordpres plugin usually has more features than the free version of a plugin and is supported by the designer or developer of the product.Well,here are some
choices for free traffic wordpress plugins.

This traffic-manager wordpress plugin has pretty descent features.One of the features is being able to run the plugin on newer versions of wordpress platform from 3.0 to 4.2 wordpress software.The plugin is under GPL licenses.Always read what you can use any product for with different licenses.Most wordpress plugins are free but the catch is commercial licenses are multi-license where you can run the wordpress plugin on more than one website.
*implies with search engines such as Bing,Google,Yahoo and other search engines for your site update.
*configs statistics cookies with the CNL regulations
*Google analytics from Google
*XML info as sitemap
*User browser statistics viewable in-websites browsers.
*Multisite compatible installations.
*Languages:English default language,Spanish,French,lithuanian,Polish,Swedish,Portuguese,Russian,Farsi and etc.