Now if you are shopping for a more suitable pocket bike as far as being taller then you may want to think about looking for a 110cc pocket bike which is more taller than the 50cc but still considered as a miniature motorcycle that is more popular than the smaller pocket bikes and each year are becoming increasingly popular.
Pocket Bike races have become more noticeable over the last ten years which events are held world wide now,with some of the pro mod pocket bike racing teams taking home hundreds or even thousands of dollars in cash and prizes and reputation for the best looking pocket bikes like the car shows that are held all around the world each day.110cc pocket bikes still look like they were designed for kids or teens,and the bike sizes are typically 38 to 47 inches long and weigh about 50 to 70 pounds,but don’t let the small size of the pocket bike blur your eyes are fool you.Because,most of the 110cc pocket bikes where built for adults are specifically built for adult drivers.

The 110cc bikes are mainly designed and manufactured in Italy,and can reach speeds of up to 75 miles per hour are more with after market add on’s and some cold fuels like NOS brands made for the mixture of the fuels.Yes,the fuel makes a huge difference in adding some horsepower to the pocket bike.There is a big difference in cold fuels and regular fuels in racing.Majority of all 110cc pocket bikes will usually have the derisions around 30 inch wheelbases, which in layman’s terms means that you are really close in inches from the ground.Like a low profile mustang with ground effects for example as if you took a measuring tape and measured from the ground up to the bottom of the spoilers.This definitely brings an adrenaline rush for high speed on these little pocket bikes!There are some engines on the pocket bikes that have to have added weight to slow then down while racing because they will raise off the ground due to their miniature size,and light weight frames,riding a pocket bike offers thrills but nothing like a regular motorcycle.If you have ever ridden a 600cc Yamaha rocket then the speeds are well over 160 or more.

Pocket bike racing can be expensive if you want to be number one on the track but usually most affordable motor sport in existence today,if you want to run 10th or 20th place.Make no mistakes if you are not use to riding a pocket bike because the ground is really close and some of the engines can be very fast and always use cauction on going fast on the 110cc pocket bikes if you have no experience in riding.Because it is not like a regular bicycle.Riding a pocket bike isn’t like riding a regular street bike or any other style of motorcycle,even though it looks like a miniature motorcycle the concept of balancing on two wheels at high speed is not the same as a full size motorcycle.Due to its small size,the balance is different and experience is a must when riding a pocket bike which requires self control,agility,more balance,and more of a faster reaction time.The adrenaline rush is awesome and more and more people are hooked and life-long fans.

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Pocket bikes are thought to be for everybody and are said to be suitable for children over the age of nine.But,with a parent or adult and being very carefully supervised while any kids ride a pocket bike.The 50cc pocket bike is a better choice for learners. The bikes were really designed for adults,and not really for younger kids and so are set to support up to 300 pounds of weight. 110cc pocket bikes use to be designed for soft landscapes but not really intended for street use,these bikes where general designed or made for racing on tracks.Protective gear should be worn at all times on a pocket bike,by both kids and adults at all times.This includes,helmet,gloves,knee and elbow pads,and a racing jacket or leather clothes in case of an accident.While they may look like toys,don’t let your mind be cloudy the 110cc pocket bikes were designed for extreme motor racing,and same respect accordingly applied as any other type of racing sport.


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