So you decide to shop for your very first pocket bike,or maybe you buy a pre-owned pocket bike that you want to convert from recreational to racing a pocket bike.So you do all the work to convert the regular 110cc pocket bike to a more improved racing bike but you want your pocket bike to look different and be unique until you realize there are ten other people who have the exact same bike as in color a nd it is a 110cc pocket bike just like yours.That will surely take the wind out of the sails a bit right, but the good news is that it does not have to stay that way because you can change the color of that pocket bike by a professional car painter for a low price are if you have the knowledge then just paint it yourself with a good paint gun and air compressor and all the right safety equipment.

It is easier to paint plastic than a metal car.Because most of the pocket bikes are mainly fiberglass,aluminum and plastic and some with metal.After the paint job you have a racing pocket bike with all the customized appearances and horsepower with a faster bike!You can change your pocket bike’s appearance anyway you like,upgrade it,add more performance,and transform your machine into a custom pocket rocket you can be proud of because you done most of it yourself.You’ll find all the parts,after market bike parts and accessories you’ll need at pocket bike shops.if you know anything about building regular motorcycles then you should know that some parts on a regular size dirt bike can fit some pocket bikes with a little to know changes if you know how to read the interchangeable book for parts and accessories and what works on this model that will work on another brand of bike. Core Helmets MX-1 Off-Road Helmet (Flat Black, Small)

With some knowledge and having fix mistakes is a well deserved lesson on having the experience to learn how to turn your normal stock pocket bike into your personal custom pocket rocket!There are plenty of numerous mini bike forums on the Internet to find knowledge and pocket bike parts with a “enthusiasts”community with other experienced pocket bike owners from members— other bikers, who’ll give you the answers,and even more importantly,they’ll tell you where and what to avoid are what and what not to do with a pocket bike!


Now is a pocket bike similar to a mini-bike?Some would say yeas and some will say no!But both parts and accessories are basically similar to the dealerships where their inventories meet an increased interest and demand in both.Because pocket bike dealers also sell performance-enhancing kits for mini-bike and pocket bikes at the same place that are even complete with instructions with most after market bike parts and custom pocket bikes.Between searching the Internet and bike junk yards and shops you will have a wide choice of accessories for changing a regular recreational pocket bike to a racing custom pocket bike that will stand out from the rest of the accessory designs,tanks and tank pouches, headlights, horns,chromed wheels,decal kits,etc.


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