Information on the history of Assembly Source Code (Macintosh)This is a variety of assemblers as ASM source code programs usually written in WinAsm Studio and other computer languages with extensions.Assembly Programming language has a lot of codes and snippets that can be modified in so many other programs and code.This is a wide range of new program controls.There are so many algorithm that can be used with this type of code such as calculations as Fibonacci as in loader code for a floppy disk.Like the boot asm and filo-masm.asm and also beroset,sector,test1,vga asm.Usually has to run under
MS-DOS and routes to use other assemblers like MASM.Read more here at this site for complete details and a great tutorials and code examples and code builds.I doubt you will find a lot of older -Macintosh today in the world that work correctly.I still have one of them in the closet that still works alright.With the tape drive and other outdated accessories that are really hard to find for this model of computer system.But still works.There arr still some of the antique computers around that have been modified for other operating systems.Do you still one of these Macintosh with the orifinal operating system and disc?