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Technology has moved to fast in the last 20 years.Do you remember when dial up was a huge thing for the adults and the kids did not really like the dial up internet back in the 80’s like playing video games and having a beeper.Then cell phones rolled out with cell phones about the size of a regular land mine phone.The only cars that talked back then was a Nissan 300 and a couple of other automobiles and now cars drive around with no drivers needed.Look at what is happening all around the globe.North Korea,Syria and other news around the world with technology in autonomous weapon systems that are powered by software and computer language applications and even remote formatted programs.Now nearly all countries have some sort of drone and lethal autonomous weapon systems that can walk and move about like a tank.Technology has pushed the world to approach great things with computer programming in the health field but in return have made it easier to build weapon systems that are very scary to the world.Especially when there are military robotics that look like the machines in the movie terminator seems way to far fetched.


What will the technology in computers and mobile devices bring to the world 50 years from now when it may look like a whole different world of relying on electronics to do most of the jobs.Think about the brick masons who have layed every brick by hand and moved the bricks around with a bull float and a brick rack and there is a machine now that can lay bricks faster and just as good as a brickmason has been doing nearly 30 years.Truck drivers have always been the main drive of the economy since the early 1950’s and now semi trucks can drive theme self with no need of a human driving.Think about all the years we only had a lock on the door at home and a telephone to call on if needed.Today there are smart homes where can lock and unlock the house doors from a app and even can start the coffee maker are dinner while still at work with a button on the android or smart phone and even watch your home from 1,00 miles away on your phone.Car makers use more and more robotic computers to weld car frames together while assembling a automobile on the manufactured automobile line without needing humans to do the job anymore because it is cheaper and faster and computers can weld better than humans and are almost perfect at the jobs needed done.Have people become to rely to much on technology?


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