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Trying to debug a SSL issue can be a nightmare for script issues in certain browsers and whatever operating system you are using.There are alot of issues that can be associated why trying to change your HTTP to HTTPS for security certificate reasons and SSL,which provides identity verification and security for a website, so you know you’re connected to the correct website without or with browsers that may accept the certificate without issues.Especially if you are running a older browser and a older operating system on your computer and with a suitable internet connection.That is not even covering the mobile platforms of having to change there website to the HTTPS.There is really no problem if you have just purchased a domain and web hosting where you can just add the HTTPS for your website.

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The main problems may arise from having to change your HTTP to HTTPS with a original website that you have used the HTTP for years.HTTPS is a good way to safeguard your data and user logins which reflect on the refer SSL support to the Certificate Authority (CA)the issue comes when this link appears on a secure page on a wordpress site which the script issue may arise from the debugging of the website script.I am pretty sure people will have problems with the change from HTTP to HTTPS in the word press platform blogs.Because of issues with Microsoft Internet Explorer, loading data via SSL into the Flash Player ActiveX control which may not work to well if the server uses a no-cache header..This is just some issues that may arise while interchanging the links on your website and especially the changes in the tables of the data base for some websites.So make sure you get the right information before changing to the SSL license for your website.Because your website can break if you start changing things inside the function file or any of the index or database structure in options.


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