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IS seo in question when it comes to keyword concepts?
That is a 50/50 question for sure.But is the real choice of choosing the correct keyword for a niche website are not worrying about long tail keywords are similarity in other keywords that are in conjunction of the main keyword or keyword phrases and not being specific in the whole process of writing the content to follow the correct form of the content in a niche.I know many of you internet marketers think on the concept of what keywords are being typed in the search box by people to search out a particular form of content,product brand or keyword.Really as complex as the algro is in the search engines which maybe a second thought in outdated keyword density metrics that really are no longer ranking by the keyword metrics.I know keywords are a huge part in the seo of a website but what if the search engines are evaluating the article and not really the keywords in the H1-H6.Think about this!If you read a article with the keyword being software and you run a search and replace in the text of the article and take out the main keyword.Will it still be readable?The Serps are changing and dancing around and around on some keyword usage in seo written content.So are keywords still critical to website ranking?So think about this?Does it matter where you place that keyword in the article and in what part of the article are sentence as in the body or introduction?Yes,properly placed keywords enhance the seo and search engine placement and indexing in the material.Google is not going to ignore the title tags are the h tags anytime soon.But does the placement of the keyword make a difference in the search engines that differ from the H1 or the T1?The vital search term is going to have some bot and search engine crawlers looking for the best content and does the long tail keywords break this formation of seo for a website?

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Think about all the keyword stuffing and how the Serps react to the keywords in pages that are generated to have the most searched keywords in that particular miche are category of long tail keywords in the H tags are the h titles.We all know that we try to list the search term keywords that most people search in the browser for a product or brand that consumers where most likely to search for online as on the PC or the mobile which will have different results.

What if the person is searching for a product and they don’t really know the name of the product name or brand and just type a search term for the product type or similarity search of the product.So does the title and the description of a article bring more to the table than the keywords in the article or content when the term is searched instead of the keyword?HMM!That is a good question right?So if the product is no searched by name,then is that considered to be a non-specialist search and no reliance on the keyword search term?
So is it time to re think the whole concept of using keywords just for search engine placement or seo?If your mindset is on keyword driven content you may want to reevaluate your search engine planning when writing content for quality instead of keyword placement and comparison of keyword density.So do we have to consider the idea of keywords of being a subset of entities.
Today in 2017 we have to step back and think in terms of concepts and think in the way the individual is going to search for a term instead of a keyword everytime.If you search for a blue nose pit bull puppy or you just going to search DOG or would you search Blue Dog?So you don’t need to focus all the seo on keywords are keyword phrases.

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So how do we go about the architecture constructed circulating keyword phrases?Yes,you may think that a pyramid made of keywords is going to be the answer to the first page on the search engine through the keyword on the home page of the website is going to be the answer in organizing a website through linking to other inter pages and external pages that may look like spam linking and the search engines may sandbox that site.Is the meaning of the content on the page going to receive more traffic than keyword stuffing?
Thinking of seo through keyword planning,maybe a way of pattern matching instead of the meaning of the page to the bots and spiders that crawl that content.
Remember back in the early part of 2012 through 2013 when the SERP’s was changing and moving away from text strings and the users query was matched by the text on the page of the website.
So is there a difference in natural keywords instead of researching the keyword like a science project?Remember when fonts and widget where avoided and less sidebar content as possible was the process in 2014.Now the way i look at it is having that one golden keyword that holds weight and not really worrying about long tail keywords on my money site but instead adding them in the tier 1 through tier 3 or 4 websites.The reason things change so much in the search engine algro is for the fact that everyone uses the same keywords and the search engine algro has to be tweaked.
See Google,Bing,Yahoo and duckduck rewards natural occurring keywords and phrases in the SERP by the nature of the niche and deprecate artificial keyword stuffing.Another concept to keep in mind!Try to rank a website for keywords that don’t appear in the content but is relevant to the topic while having synonyms of other terms on the site.To wrap this article up think about the search engines habits that change from month to every six months and tweak the page titles in the serps and display which traffic may drop a little but will usually regain very easily.

Is images starting to have a more impact on search engine placement of a website.So i tested the theory!typed a sentence in the google search box”cheap PLR”the results was not really what i was looking for.So then i switched over to image search and i found some great deals that i did not see in the all search feature.So that tells me that images with the 2 x 1 pixel works just fine for website search engine optimization and i tried different pixels sizes and the 1 x had less of a affect than the 2 pixel.


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