According to studies during research from 2008 through 2015,there are around 19 million world wide victims of identity theft in the year of 2008 alone. That was over 7 years ago.The numbers have risen over the years to all major highs.
In reality if the right certificate keys are used for your computer and your operating system is a valid copy of the windows 10 for example your computer should be alright.But in caution you still need anti-virus and identity theft software.Use a Firefox plugin to check sites availability.

Since identity theft does not show any signs of being stopped no time soon,early detection is the only other solution that should be best done.Simple method to stop identity theft on your computer.Don’t put nothing on your computer that is private like bank information or social security number and don’t even pay bills on your computer or iPhone without a prepaid card.Do not use your regular credit cards.Use Paypal or other online payment systems with a separate bank account with the lowest amount of money in the account.Technology is well advanced for the better and also for the worst.Especially if your information is sitting on a database and not secure from hackers.

First thing they do when they get all your personal information,these thieves will change your billing address and email address.You will not be aware of this until you get your bills in the mail,or a phone call from the bank or credit card lender that is keeping track of your charges on your cards and does have security when you put a certain amount of transactions hold on your cards.

1.Upon checking your credit reports and card statements,you found that there are some new charge cards from companies you do not know anything about.They can even open new cards in a persons name now without you even knowing it until it is to late.

2.You are receiving bills for new credit card accounts that you don’t know nothing about and you didn’t open a new account.This is the most damage that a thieve can do to your credit score.

3.You notice some changes on a particular credit card statement that you did not even authorize.

4.You get a call from business owners regarding items that the thieves made with a credit card in your name.

5. Debts are starting to show on your reports causing your credit to drop in scores.

Always follow up and report these things immediately.

Start keeping a close watch on your credit card activities. Your physical card is not really needed to make purchases toward your account.All they need is the number!Take note that by simply getting hold of the number on your card, any person can make charges against your credit by making online or telephone purchases.

Try to monitor your credit report once in a while to see if any other reports are negative from a credit transaction that you are not aware of on your credit.

Identity thieves can get money to buy items and merchandise from consumers.And you are the ones that are obliged to pay the bills unless you report it as theft.Not only are they getting money they are also destroying the credit ratings you have tried so hard to keep a positive credit rating.Especially when the thieves are in other parts of the world and think that they are untouchable.Thanks to the new laws things are changing in the future.


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