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Collecting Your Personal Information

As such committed to protecting your privacy and information that is collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998).No member,subscriber or visits information will or details will not be sold to any third party and do not send out marketing e-mails to customers unless they have registered to receive such material,subscribed to landing pages,splash pages,website subscription or have given the website the right to send only product and website material only associated with this website are have made a purchase from this website, or downloaded one the free or paid products.

The type of information collected about you includes:

Your e-mail address

Generally, this information is usually input by the consumer or person that in tells the information or requested when either downloading free products,when you purchase any of the products (eBooks, software etc.),or when you subscribe to newsletters.NO! collection of sensitive information about you without your explicit consent which you approve to receive from this website through a affiliated product,website sales product,free downloaded digital product for exchange of a email where only products are sent to you and all website informational free or paid products as suggested above paragraphs.The information will be accurate and up to date the best as possible for security of all members of the website,accounts,members subscription and any other form of a account to the website.You can check the information that I hold about you by e-mailing us at Your Email Address. If you find any inaccuracies we will delete or correct it promptly.Anytime you would like your account or do not want to receive and newsletters are any website information through email you can unsubscribe at anytime and your email and account will be removed and deleted.Normally maybe one are two emails are usually sent for informational purposes to let members who are on the mailing list are have a website account about products.We know how annoying it is to receive emails all the time and we rather have members than trying to sale a product.

How I Control Your Personal Information

NO!personal information for any other reason other than to contact you about a product you ordered are downloaded are just a friendly reminder about a update or information that had been added to the site will be delivered in a detail short email or a message on the website in the account you signed up with for a member,subscriber and etc.We do not sell, give away or rent your email address to any third party and is 100% against spam. If in the future for any reason you wish to add your email address to our sister sites for any other purpose we will ask you for your permission first.

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