Pocketbike racing,has become very popular over the years which most pocket bike fans are racers may call it another name such as which is also known in some places as Minimoto which almost sounds like a arcade game right?But,most pocket bike racers call it Mini GP racing!the name pretty much explains what style of racing it is as of the use of miniature racing motorcycles,or commonly pocket bikes.Just like a go kart track these small pocket bikes usually race on hard clay dirt in a circle.Pocket bike racing has become more known in the USA but are more popular racing sport in Japan and Europe, and the popularity is increasing in other parts of the world,like the United States.

i bet you didn’t know that a typical pocket bike is roughly one quarter the size of a normal size motorcycle like a street bike or a Yamaha,and basically is powered by an internal combustion engine of between 40-50 cubic centimeters producing a mid ratio of power between 3 and 15 horsepower,depending on the particular model,engine size are a two stroke or a four stroke are even battery driven.These bikes have no suspension,relying on the tires to absorb bumps,low spots in the track and handle cornering by sliding around the turns, and they usually weigh around 40 pounds. Now the original entry-level models often produce about 3 to 4 horsepower,but like any type of racing there are always performance parts which in return are usually more expensive racing models run with much more power and weight reduction and different fuel mixtures and fuel additives and even changes to the power-to-weight ratio.Performance enhancements are sometimes added to increase speed and acceleration.Despite their shrunk size,race pocket bikes can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour in organized racing leagues without the racing with high costs and heavy risks associated with full-sized motorcycle racing.As we all know pocket bikes are not usually street legal and should only be ridden on private land,race tracks,such as open land without trees.Some countries have very specific and tougher laws than other countries with laws against riding pocket bikes on the street,and because of their small size,it is hard for a automobile to see them on the road where regular motorcycles are easier seen by drivers on the roads.


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