Back in the early part of 1998,Microsoft Corporation released their latest update of the popular Windows operating system which was termed as the Windows 98.It was a big upgrade to the previous version of Windows 95 and had a big improvement on technology contained in its predecessor.The Windows 98 had a relatively low system requirements making it easier to have potential to work on the older computers.This version of Windows gave full support to DOS applications of being able to switch back and forth from DOS mode to Windows mode.Windows 98 was never stable as regular computer users wanted it to be.Often the software developers of drivers and applications had insufficient experience with the creation of programs for the new system.This caused many errors generally described as system errors by the user even if the error was not cause by parts of Windows or DOS.

Windows 98: Second Edition

Windows 98 had a limitation in the area of hardware handling.This operating system didn’t support more than 512 megabytes of RAM as an internal limitation of the system.RAM over this limit could be used by applying patches and changing the system settings natively.Basically high-end graphics cards and peripherals will probably not work properly.Windows 98 had improved in the system tools for users to take advantage of scan disk,disk fragmentation and scanning built into the tools menu.All of these tools help the computer system run much more efficiently and eliminate problems as infection with viruses.Windows 98: Second Edition


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