When Microsoft first released their Windows operating system,it was termed as Windows 3.0.Subsequent version where known as in Windows 3.1, Windows 3.2, etc.The entire family of the Windows operating system based on that original version is referred to as Windows 3x.
Windows 3.0 was released in 1990 and was thought to be the next big version of the operating system.The Windows 3x family of operating systems would be the basis for many new and exciting developments in the world of operating systems.With the release of Windows 3.0, virtual memory and loadable virtual device drivers were present in the operating system which allowed the system to share arbitrary devices between multitasking DOS Windows.Because of this, Windows applications could then run in 16-bit protected mode and gave them access to several megabytes of memory.It also removed the obligation to participate in the software virtual memory scheme.
For Windows 3.0, Microsoft also rewrote critical operation from “C” into “assembly” making this release faster and less memory-hungry than its predecessors.OS/2 for Windows 3.5″ Disks, Edition for Windows Ver. 3.1

With the introduction of 32-bit Windows for Work groups 3.11, the family of Windows 3x operating system could finally stop relying on DOS for file management.The most important novelty of this version of Windows was the possibility of running 32-bit mufti-threaded preemptively mufti-tasked graphical program.However,the necessity of keeping compatibility with 16-bit programs meant the GUI components were still 16-bit only and not fully re-entrant which resulted in reduced performance and stability.IBM OS/2 for Windows 3.5″ Disks, Edition for Windows Ver. 2.1

This version of Windows would introduce the graphical user interface making it easier for anyone to operate a computer system. Point and click technology would soon become the norm, but it all started with the Windows 3x operating system.
Operating systems have evolved over the years, but the Windows 3x family of operating systems set the groundwork for the operating systems we know today.


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