Windows 2000 was introduced on February of 2000,Microsoft Corporation released the popular Windows operating system.Windows 2000 was made available in four different editions: Server,Advanced Server,Professional and Data Center Server.The Windows 2000 had advanced security measures,it did become the target of a number of profile virus attacks in its years of use.Windows 2000 had a lot of patches for security vulnerabilities on a near-monthly basis just like the other Window platforms such as XP and NT.There are no support from Microsoft on any of the ones listed above now.But with the right settings the platforms still work great.You just have to tweak different settings to make them more secure with a good anti-virus software and a descent firewall.Just turn off updates and use your paid firewall settings the platforms work perfect.
Microsoft Office 2000 Professional [OLD VERSION]

Still today with security issues with Windows 2000, many computers still use this version as their main operating system and it still remains a favorite especially with businesses because of its advanced file sharing capabilities.

All editions of Windows 2000 have common functionality including many system utilities such as the Microsoft Management Console and standard system management applications like disk fragmentation utility.
Windows 2000 also had the file encryption which could protect sensitive data.It offered personalized menus which where efficiency for individual users.

Because Windows 2000 was primarily developed for business use, it was often referred to as Windows Professional.
Monitoring other computers on the server became much easier with Windows 2000.It wasn’t long before Microsoft released a newer version of Windows.
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