The disk operating system is one of the most important parts of the system and refers to system software used in majority of the computers that provide the management and abstraction of the secondary storage devices and the information stored on them.For example,you have a couple of files systems meant for organizing data files of whatever.Such software is termed to as a disk operating system when the storage devices manages are made of rotating platters such as floppy disks,external disk or hard disks.
Back in the day the micro computing, memory space was often limited to a lower setting so the disk operating system was used as a extension of the operating system.the component was loaded if needed.Otherwise the disk access would be limited to low-level operating such as writing or reading the disks at the appointed sector level.Sometimes a disk operating system can refer to the entire operating system if it is loaded off a disk and supports the abstraction and management of disk devices.
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Examples of disk operating systems that were extensions to the main operating system include Commodore DOS for Commodore computers,Apple DOS for Apple computers and Disc Filing System or DFS¬†DOS Disk Operating System Version 4.00. 3.5″ Disks

Disk operating systems are termed as DOS.Some examples would include DOS/360 and Free DOS.On the PC compatible platform,an entire family of operating systems was called DOS.

Microsoft used the disk operating system as a basis for their first operating system on the computer market.MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) was the first of its kind but was not really noted to being user-friendly.The entry of commands had to be called upon by the user to manipulate data and navigate the computer.DOS,would prove to be the basis for many of the operating systems.Some versions of Windows still have methods of a way for a user to bring up the MS-DOS system from the GUI when trying to fix system errors and to be able to prompt the activate system restore.
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The disk operating system always runs in the background and informs the computer what to do upon start up and where to store files,what to name files, and formatting disks and other task also.DOS has set a example for personal computing on a new level for being user friendly.Without a disk operating system,using a computer would be really complicated for most computer users.


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