Like other previous versions of Windows, this operating system had its share of many problems.Windows 98 was never stable as most users had to download updates nearly every month are more often.There where always patches needed for security reasons and loops that where breached by hackers trying to intrude through certain window commands as exe.files and etc.Not counting the updates and changes in software by developers of drivers and applications who had insufficient experience with the creation of programs for this new system.There where many series of errors generally described as system errors by users even if the error was not caused by parts of Windows or DOS.The problem was the different programs that would work with the windows program but was not moded for the updates.So when windows updated or patched a certain part in the platform the programs that where made to run with windows had to have updates after the windows had changed certain code in the window wasn’t really the windows platform but the programmers had to learn the functions of the windows platform to keep there programs and software to be comparable with windows standard updates each time.
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very time Windows would fix these problems,and Microsoft worked quickly to provide patches to the Windows 98 system for users to download and make their system much more stable.The developers for programs and software had to update there code for it to work with windows platform without having any bugs and fixes.

The operating system,Windows 98 was updated alot after its release and improved where made.Microsoft did provide some great updates that would serve as models for subsequent versions of Windows.Microsoft still produces some great software and platforms today.Microsoft Software | Windows 10 Home 64 Bit System Builder OEM | PC Disc


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