Update Windows 7 Drivers – Easy Way to Keep Windows 7 Drivers Updated Automatically
Is there any easy way to update Windows 7 Drivers for certain computers are laptops?Some computer owners think the only method to be able to automatically keep drivers updated is with driver update software and certain driver tools.I am going to talk about a whole other tool that you might not know-Windows Update.

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit System Builder OEM

When Engineers of Microsoft were developing Windows 7 operating systems,they greatly improved Windows features along with windows 7 or 10 updates.With the earlier systems,it was only a couple of ways you might download and install system update and patches usually,through softwares are other disc and tools online.But in Windows 7,it may also find and download updated drivers to your devices automatically for some particular drivers needed to secure the operating systems through the Widows Update which assist in automatically finding and downloading the most recent drivers,you will have to follow the steps below:

Step 1. Click “Start” menu, click Control Panel, after which Windows Update.
Step 2. In the opening window, click Check for updates. It will automatically find the rescent system updates,patches, as well as driver updates for certain devices.Now it may vary on some OEM products because of the after market parts used to assemble certain computers and you may still have to go to the computer brand or vender website to recieve certain updates and patches to a particular after market computer device or part.For example on some audio devices in the plug and play you may have to find the particular driver that will work with windows operating systems.So in some cases this will vary on the computer case,mother board and anyother aftermarket parts when a computer is assembled as a after market build.Computer parts are like car parts which have interchangable parts that work on some brand of cars and others with modifications.Well,the same goes for some pre-built custom computers.

Step 3. In the checking report,you’ll find a great deal of available updates for factor computers from the retailer.You will need to select them in the list by yourself. And then click “Install updates” button,the update process will become automatically.
Step 4. When the download and install process is completed, restart your pc after seeing updates installed and turning green in the update box are having to restart the computer before the updates process which will usually say”please don’t turn off your computer while updates are being installed or your system configuration with updates and the computer will restart itself on most computer systems.
See? Windows update is definitely a easy tool to check in order to find latest drivers in your case devices.Again,if you have a retail computer that was built by the brand like Dell and had not be modified from other after-market parts then the updates through windows operating system or Microsoft will usually be able to update devices You don’t need to spend hours searching on line for any single driver any longer.Usually,with all the computer less than five year old will usually find all the updates and drivers through the windows updates.Computers that are usually 10 to 18 years old may have to have some research on line to find certain updates and drivers are at the vender’s website with the tag number of the brand of computer and the make and model and processor type.

Usually,the vendor site will have software that can be downloaded to see what drivers need to be uploaded to certain computer models.Windows update to update windows 7 drivers is usually just clicking the update windows in the system tray are on the left side where the folders are seen in the start menu where all software installed are shown in the category.But comparing to top driver update software,it’s several shortcomings.
Shortcoming 1. The download speed isn’t quickly and may take some minutes to update drivers.Because it is not a tool that excels in file downloading.The process of downloading all of the system and driver updates could possibly be time-consuming and especially for OEM windows license where it can take a while for the operating system files to upload to a fresh install on a selection of computers.I used Windows Update for a number of times and still check for updates even though i have it set to automatic install updates.Because,usually Windows only performs schedule update because of its driver database.That means it will not allow you to get latest drivers timely when new drivers are released from device manufacturers.Just like the latest talk about the spectro and melt down where it is taking some time for some computer companies to roll out updates for the processors.Consequently,the drivers probably are actually “outdated”,if this detects new drivers to your devices.
Using Windows update is significantly a simpler way than manually checking driver updates alone which are very time consuming and having to go through some 3rd party drivers is not fun.But it is suggested the application of professional third-party software to ensure that you could possibly get the newest drivers in time.


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