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What about so many different Linux platforms in the making and some of the older Linux getting a face lift.i have always wondered if Linux is as secure as a paid platform such as windows 7.I guess all computer operating systems has some security issues no matter what.The major problem is making sure the operating system is up to date.Just like windows xp there are still some tweaks that can be used to make it secure even though it is not supported anymore.
There is talk about Debian solving the Linux desktop problems such as the stream OS predominant part with Debian with the cross-linux-distro app where it will be some what easier for developers to build upon.Especially if you are a non-technical user which most linux products are impossible to build upon if you are not experienced with code.Mac OS X version 10.6.3 Snow Leopard (Mac computer with an Intel processor required)

I am wondering if the Debian will be some what bug free from any RC-critical issues.I am sure that Debian will have a stable GNU/Linux.Hopefully the team will keep updates.
In a couple of hours the Debian 8.0″Jessie”will become the next stable release.The Debian 8 OS is awesome for servers.Most colleges use this OS(operating system)so it has
to have some importance if colleges use it!Especially with all the breaches that have come out such as”shell rock”and”heartbleed”other security issues.Debian will have support until 2017 like the Uburto 1404LTS is supported until 2019 and RHEL 7 has support until 2024 and also Centos.I’m sorry i made a mistake with the support with Debian it will be supported until one year after the last
stable release.So really it would be 2018 as far as Jessie.But the LTS project may decide to extend the support until 2020.
Mac OS X version 10.6.3 Snow Leopard (Mac computer with an Intel processor required)

A lot of people are going with the BSD because of long term support of the OS.I always like to go the long route to with a OS that i am not aware of the.Especially waiting for the upgrade packages for new projects with bug fixes and security issues that have to be updated without warning.That is why i like FreeBSD but Debian OS with the”jessie”may be the best OS.The wheezy(LTS)long
term support is pretty good to after reading all the changes and updates.Debian has a separate long term support project [1] for old stable release that provide security patches beyond the 2-3 years of official support.

Most people are waiting for the dist-upgrades from 7.8 to 8.Debian upgrades are said to be good for linux distros but
you will have to watch with the setup of your computer.So maybe a little techno.The earlier upgrades from 6 to 7 on servers had some issues with RAID and boot loaders but usually fixes itself after os is setup and completed.It is according what system you have and how old the server is when updating just like any other operating system.
Here is there latest OS build.


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