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At that period of time Windows 98 executed new functions and built in features that where a USB (universal serial bus)drivers-AGP(accelerated graphics port) functional,support and support for multiple monitors and Web TV. It also featured support for the FAT32 file system allowing it to support disk partitions bigger than the two gigabyte maximum accepted by Windows 95 older platform.Which become known as the first version of Windows to support ACPI (advanced configuration and power interface.There where many more changes that occurred that year from Microsoft platforms and programs that where added to the windows platform.

Windows 98 was the first operating system to incur Windows Driver Model which standardized device driver programs which allowed more peripherals to run easily on the system.After Windows 98 was released, this fact was not well published and device manufacturers continued to develop devices with drivers of the old system which incompatible with the new operating system.



The big advantage of Windows 98 as an operating system was that the system requirements were simple and it had low characters.Even the older machines could effectively and efficiently load and run Windows 98 and users could enjoy the new updates to the system.
Microsoft Windows 98 1st Edition


Windows 98 also offered a full support for DOS applications because it could be used also for the DOS mode based applications could handle the system.Having DOS mode available also provided a easier ways to fix system errors without changing the graphical user interface.Windows 98: Second Edition


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