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How many computer owners still run the Windows Vista operating system?Well i really like the Vista.The Vista windows OS reminds of windows 7 operating systems so much with the features and the layout of the desk top and the interface.I even purchased a windows vista with Hebrew language because i had a deal on the OS and converted the Hebrew language to English once i uploaded the operating systems and done all the previous updates a tweaking the windows files to make them more secure.See with windows vista you can still make the OS much security proof than the windows XP.But again it is what you know on coding and programming.Because most browsers are not giving anymore security patches to most of the older windows operating systems this year.But i think Vista is still getting the updates for a while.Well Vista maybe one of the odd ball operating systems of windows that may have better security than windows XP.Microsoft Corporation has been around for a number of years and have had some awesome operating systems and software that are designed by developers everyday.There are alot of computer users who still use windows XP and Windows Vista.

Most computer owners don’t like change and get use to the older windows operating systems because they have been using the windows XP since 2001 and may have invested a good amount of money in the software and the same for windows vista.I am still running a windows XP that has been tweaked and modifications made where it would be hard for a hacker to get into the admin settings.But again there is always someone who is brilliant with coding and know how to break the OS.I remember when the Vista was added to the Microsoft market and there where alot of people who still use window vista like i have on two other computers and i really like the options and the design of the interface of Vista.Each brand of windows operating system have there own process of everyday work with different programs that we have become custom to because we use the software everyday.I think the main reason that windows 10 was designed is because the social media has become one the the largest part of what computer users and mobile users use majority of the time why they are online like twitter and Facebook.There are some awesome MAC and Linux operating

systems that are completely free and almost are even good as the paid operating systems through open source software in a free operating system which has been hailed as the next great generation in a wave of operating systems with new,improved features where years ago there where a lot of open source operating systems that where not newbie friendly and you would have to know how to use command lines to open a page or program.Today there are programs like virtual box and VM where you can run a operating system from a USB drive and still be able to use the main computers operating system and a user interface like no other by just setting up another expanded hard drive are a partition.What can you expect to see new in Windows in the future as a windows 11 or windows 12 maybe or what if windows XP or Windows Vista had a complete overhaul and made to be one of the top lines of windows operating systems?There are still some companies that are using windows server 2000.WHY?Because they have so much money in the updates¬† paying service and security technician for a number of years to monitor the traffic and remote servers that they don’t want to use another operating systems.]]>

So here is a new domain in the cyber space coming soon.Check out the new domains as of (DOT)S domain registry coming soon.The early bird special is $2500 a domain.I wonder how many companies will buy dot suck domains.I would imagine there will be alot of businesses buying the domains.There is a lot of talk that there are going to be alot of big corporations around the world taking the first picks in buying the domain space.This is the first time i have seen a new domain registry selling new domains for these prices.But who knows the domains could be a gold mine in the future for the big companies.Here you can read more on the dot sucks domains.There will be some major competition going on with these domains.Could you imagine how many sites will be up on these domains.Awesome names for this domain though.


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