In the earlier year of 1976,three young men founded Apple Computers,Inc,with the intention of creating and distributing personal computers.Steve Jobs,Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak had a dream of making super computers smaller and available to consumers in the world.They built their computers in Steve Jobs’ parent’s garage and debuted the Apple I personal computer kit the year they founded Apple.Eventually, 200 of these computers where designed and built for a new computer age.Jobs made a deal with the owner of a local computer/electronics store known as the Byte Shop,which the owner of the store ordered fifty computer units and paid $500 for each computer after much persuasion from Jobs. Jobs then ordered components from Cramer Electronics, a national electronic parts distributor.Using a variety of methods,including borrowing space from friends and family and selling various items including a Volkswagen Type 2 bus, Jobs managed to secure the parts needed while Wozniak and Ronald Wayne assembled the Apple I.They where very inventive to make the Apple computer work with a single network back then.Back in those years computers where like corvettes everybody wanted one and would pay big money for the computer.It was like having the first colored television or electric heater on the block.World Connect Hosting

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In 1977, the Apple II was developed and quickly became a legend in the computer world like the popular competitors, the TRS-80 and the Commodore.The commodore would plugin to most television sets and that was the computer monitor.One of the big advantages of the Apple was the development of the floppy disk drive and software.Don’t forget about the more awesome tape drive.
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The Apple II was termed as the famous machine for programmers to be the desktop platform for the first “killer app” of the business world.This was a spreadsheet program called VisCalc.The Apple II attracted the market and more software and hardware developers to this new style of computing plus it attracted regular people in an effort to be compatible with their business machine.Apple computer released many more designs each one just a little better than the last.In 1989,Apple introduced the Macintosh Portable.However,it was bulky and cumbersome and was met with mixed reviews.Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac
In 1991,the Apple Power Book was introduced.The Power Book would provide the layout and form for the laptop computers.This solidified Apple’s reputation as a quality manufacturer of both desktop and portable machines.Apple Computers, Inc. was a solid presence in the computer and laptop market.Their products have continued to evolve over the years.

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