Operating systems or other OS Freezes Up!Learn How to Fix Computer Freezing Problems with easier processes.Now it can be a hand full of reasons computer operating systems freeze up.Their is plenty of computer advice on the computer tech forums are just a simple search online with keywords”computer freezing”in the search box of your browser are search guest likem Google,DuckDuck,Bing and etc.It is normally not something strange if the Windows 7 or 10 freezes up randomly and makes your computing really irritating and slow at times.Even a WIFI connection loss from the router can cause a browser just to spin are other potential malicious downloads with viruses can even cause a computer to freeze up.Such computer freezing sometimes happens but should not be a on going process and not merely within the Windows 7,but in addition in other operating systems computer freeze for a reason from viruses to hardware or corrupt file systems in the operating system because of a DLL or HIKEY file missing. Fixing some type of computer freezing problems should not be a dilemma and can be a annoying process and hard at times. It can somewhat be confusing on what to do next and a well-directed effort to completely clean up a computer either manually or through some system optimization utility.Now,you have to determine what would be the best process of knowing your computer age because some older computers with older operating systems may not have any updates are patches from the operating system windows updates because the OS is simple not supported anymore.Then you really,have to know more about computer operating systems.On my older Windows XP i usually have software like WiseCare 360,CC Cleaner,clean up the c:/drive by right clicking on the hard drive and run driver fixes and checks.Protect your business against ransomware.

Harware changes can cause computers to freeze.especially,if a driver was updated are anyother applications and it was not the correct update that was downloaded.So always keep a backup of your operating system and files on a USB drive,DVD or CD of the ISO snap shot are the IOS if you have to reinstall the windows operating system and start over from scratch may sure you format the hard drive disc and upload a new copy of the selected operating system.Also,find a paid antivirus are software that will make a repair disk from the selected last known backup copy of your files usually done by the option in the windows 7 or 10 in the action center in your tray in the right corner bottom of your computer screen.There are plenty of softwares that are paid and free that are a computer aid to help fix corrupt files or missing system files that are corrupt and able to fix by the computer F12 or F10 features on most computers on the keyboard during startup are with the operating system install disk which will usually have a selection to repair a certain operating system corrupt files or operating system.
Trojan virus or spy-ware,junk-ware and encrypted downloaded viruses can cause havoc in a computer operating system.Always run scans with your anti virus are security software and check all files on a computer much as possible.Windows registry can become corrupt and Windows 7 and anyother OS can freeze up, it is best to know the internal structure in the Windows Registry and also the operating-system files and have a restore point to reset are backup the computer date to a earlier time with the restore point built in feature of nearly all operating systems.Also understand that lots of computer errors usually are not from the virus and spy ware based infections inside system and can be a simple hardware or software capability issue. Rather corruption in Windows Registry may be the real culprit because of downloaded software are corrupt file formats.Windows Registry can be affected by internal errors inside the file system of the operating-system.

Windows 7 Registry is often a database containing codes for files, programs,hardware and software that is certainly installed in the computer.These Registry codes contain information in the form of keys or computer algorithms are in some operating sysstem that have key registry numeric system in hash.Corruption inside Registry can also cause total system failure or various errors in Windows.
Why does the Windows Registry get corrupted? The malfunction is usually the Registry accessed by Windows during its operations along with the presence of invalid or Registry keys which cause a load of trash files inside Windows 7 engine.To keep Windows 7 Registry in good health it is very important periodically clean the Registry by having a sophisticated Registry cleaning software or even CC Cleaner or WiseCare 365 and other selected options in file cleaner or system cleaner softwares.Making sure the operating system is updated through the computer and information systems managers and doing a computer analyst with computer solutions to find the culprit causing the computer freeze.
It is additionally crucial that you remove suspicious applications and programs running in computer to prevent Windows 7 or Windows 10 are anyother operating systems from freezing.
Some additional stuff that you can do are:
>> Add RAM and check RAM for any potential damage to the motherboard slots where the ram inserts are replace RAM.
>> Cool down your computer-Make sure the inside of the computer is clean from dust and build up on the processor are other fans that have dust build up are even other particles through the fan on the back side of the computer.If the processor is getting really hot it could be a fan cooling problem are the processor is getting to hot on the mother board.Always install a paid or free software to monitor the temperature of the computer hard drives,processor and mother board.

> Keep a short list of startup items/background services.As the operating system get more technical over the years there are more services running in the operating system and also in the start up menu of the computer.If you download a bunch of softwares make sure all of them are not running in the start up which causes the RAM to fill up which is the random access memory.Memory usuage can be high for older computers than run the newer operating systems because of the huge operating system files and even updates and for the smaller older hard drives that only have 30 to 40 GB of space.
>> Defrag Windows Registry data-Again nearly all windows operating system have this option built in on the file system.If not then download a free windows defragment software that will perform a surface check of the hard drive and cluster check and help clean up the files on the computer system and stored on the computer.
>> Clean system junk-Again always try to clean up unwanted files that the operating system can occur from updates and even leftover files of a old software that was deleted months ago.There are some free softwares that will perform all the needed junk file clean up like CC Cleaner free software are some great paid junk file removers for a selection of operating system.Just watch what any software removes.

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>> Clean browsers junk-Now i do not really see this being a big issue for a computer freezing but more of a slow down of the browser and slower loading time of pages and privacy issues.Always clean your browser history right through the browser settings in firefox,opera,chrome are anyother browser for your operating system and the built in internet exploer that is the default browser for windows operating system has a setting to clear cookies,history and caches in the options in the browser settings.
Windows automatically indexes all files and folders within selected drives. This list is prepared for improved search results functionality. However it affects your pc performance.Windows 7 freezes up simply because this task continuously runs and uses computer memory and sometimes you have to hold down CTRL-ALT and other keys to stop the task from running.Download and install priority updates. Using Windows Update tool, look for priority updates available online.
1. Click Start | All Programs | Windows Update.
2. Click “Check for Updates” and let the update scan finish.
3. After finishing, click “Download and Install Updates”.

However,should your Windows 7 freezes up, the very best option would be to correct laptop or PC computer Registry issues through softwares or operating system disc.Also try to optimize services and clean system junk which accumulate daily or through the week.

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