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Free operating system is one that is available for free to the general public.It is software that can be used,studied,copied,modified and redistributed with little or no restriction.Therefore, software is free if its source code (the human readable form of the software) is available with a software license that grants recipients these permissions or if the source code is in the public domain.Linux Journal March 2018: Deep Dive: Blockchain

There are free operating systems which have been updated and have been in development stages for years.Free software like free operating systems have a very high market penetration in server side Internet web applications. Completely free computing environments are available as large packages of basic system software as with the GNU or Linux operating systems.
In the last five or six years the desktop applications such as web browsers, office productivity suites, and multimedia players have some free versions to download and use.Most people don’t have alot of money to buy software that they need for a certain reason.Most of the free softwares does the same thing as the paid ones.Most free software is distributed online without charge,or off-line at the lowest cost of distribution,but this is not required, and people may sell copies for any price.

Large corporations are seeing the advantages to offering up free operating systems.Like the big corporates such as IBM, Red Hat, and Sun Micro Systems are endorsing free operating systems like Linux as a viable alternative to Windows or Mac OS X.
There has always been controversy over the free software movement as well as the distribution of free operating systems such as Linux or GNU. Opponents say the free operating systems can’t give the security or capabilities that there paid softwares can.But i have seen nearly every free software have forum communities that will answer any problems users have with using free software.Some free software offers free updates and free support.So i think there are some great free software’s that i use everyday.


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