The 64-bit operating system was a lot different than the 32-bit version.Still today most of the Vista platforms run on 64-bit rather than 32-bit systems.The 64-bit is more capable with storing information in memory that is at least 64 bits or 8 bytes wide.A whole lot more than the 32-bit versions of the systems.The 64-bit had more concept of offering a better registers,address buses,or data buses of that same size.A bus was termed as a subsystem that transferred more data or power between computer components within a computer or computers.The bus was controlled with a device driver compatible to control outside peripherals like a mouse or printer.

64-bit CPUs have been around for a long time.Just because you see the 32 bit and you would think the 54 bit was a newer version for systems.well think again because the 64-bit CPU’s where known as super computers since the 1960’s and work stations and servers since the 1990’s.While there design has been around for awhile, 64-bit operating systems are relatively new concepts in the computer world but not in the commercial world of mainframes and data centers.majority of the platforms such as most Windows XP,Windows Vista, and Mac OS X Tiger are all 64-bit operating systems.
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