Built-in Features of Windows 7 from an earlier-XP User.
Over the years i have been following Windows 7 through all the updates from the previous windows XP to the windows 7 updates since its launch years ago and saw how everyone really was use to the windows XP and didn’t really want to change to other operating systems and some purchased the new OS.I stayed back and continued using the windows XP with some safe guards and tweaking the computer to try to stay away from having to update and didn’t spend money on an upgrade to windows 7 at that time frame.But then the other day,i booted up my Windows XP and it booted fast just like anyother time while the computer dell server had been turned off for almost 8 months and then it crashes. Talk about Perfect Timing!!Well,Dell poweredge servers are bad about having to reset when the machine has not been powered up in almost a half a year.So i had to hold the power button in for 30sec.and then remove the battery and hold the power button in for 15 seconds and re-install the battery and then the machine powered up with no issues.I thought about upgrading to the windows 7 are just install linux operating systems on the server but then thought that i would like to still keep one machine on the windows XP operating system because of all the software that i purchased and beta tested over the years that where on the dell computer tower.

But,i have three other computer servers and decided to give in,decided i would upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7, and ordered the brand new Windows 7 professional and a home Premium which came full of IE8.I have had one computer with windows 7 and one laptop with windows 10 for a while.I remember when i finally installed the windows 7 and it took a while for the updates and finally loaded with so many cool features.Now,i would rather have windows 7 on all my computers than windows 10.Just have not really been a fan of some of windows operating systems.I really miss using Windows XP.I guess each individual has their favorites between Windows XP,7,8 and 10 operating systems.
So,I decided to share some built in options that come with Windows 7, which I have personally used,over the years.For those who haven’t upgraded yet, this list may also present you with reasons behind switching from other OP’s to Windows 7 or 10.The list begins:
1) Jump Lists: This feature lets me jump to documents,pictures, music and websites that I consider every single day.A right-click on IE8 shows me a listing of frequently visited websites.A right-click on Microsoft Word shows me a listing of recent documents I visited. Plus, I can easily pin everything to my jump lists.Just drag a document in your jump list and will also be pinned there to suit your needs.

2) Snap: This is a fun and magic formula to resize open windows. No more hitting the resize button or dragging it to determine the cropped content.Just drag an open window with a location and find out it resize automatically.With Windows XP,if I drag window to extreme right or left from the screen,part of the window gets cropped.But the fun do without Windows 7 is the fact that window resizes automatically without cropping any part.
3) Windows Taskbar: The new taskbar acts like being a personal toolbar for quick entry to my personal favorite programs.Right-click on your own favorite program and select “Pin to Taskbar”.Voila!! Your favorite program is now for the toolbar.I know,we could try this in Windows XP also.But could you re-arrange the icons?No,not in XP.But with windows 7,easily re-arrange the icons by simply dragging them.Here is a cool feature to determine:Minimize every one of the windows and point your cursor on IE icon.You will see thumbnails of each of the tabs open.Select the one you need to focus on and will also throw open.Cool,right?

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4) Windows Search:Searching for anything on my small computer has begun to be some what easy while using this built in feature. Start typing inside the search box and you will probably see relevant suggestions which are further grouped by category.Have more than one result? Narrow them down by date,file type,author along with other categories.Still unsure if this sounds like the correct document?Select it to see a preview within the right pane.
5) Libraries:Gather files scattered across your PC or network and organize them in libraries function.This was possibly the most successful feature that seems more handy to me.With Windows XP crashing on my own laptop,I had everything supported on external hard-drive like USB or pen drives.

I was sure I’ll have to proceed through a whole lot more, to retain my files back.But thanks to this feature,organizing my files is easier,especially all my photos or images, had not been in any respectful cumbersome.
6) Rotating Wallpapers:There are countless new and eye-catching wallpapers incorporated with Windows 7 that you just actually wwish you could use all of them in block on the desktop.Now,you can try this with Windows 7.Go ahead and select some nice images from background settings and then check Shuffle.Also specify how long you desire one image to be in your desktop.Sit back and enjoy the modern wallpapers every couple of minutes.I have this feature on and wait to shuffle after a day or so.So,each day I am greeted with a favorable new desktop wallpaper.Makes my day more computer friendly

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7) One-Click Wi-Fi Access:Setting up a web connection just takes a single click and not like the windows XP which can be a pain with the WIFI settings in the earlier versions of the windows operation systems like the NT and XP.Click on the system tray and find the net connection through the list which will usually have a option to check all connections and the computer automatically sets the connections…..are choice WIFI or DSL and etc…Done!! You are connected. This feature is ideal for individuals who travel a whole lot and need Wi-Fi connection away from home are on business through the connections of the IOS are other mobile devices.
There are load of other functions like Home Group,Shake,Sticky Notes,Display Projection plus more.I haven’t had a possibility to use them yet, but overall Windows 7 is awesome and i will continue to use windows 7 until something better arrives on the market.Do upgrade to Windows 10,if you have no preference and you use alot of social media.Because windows 10 is awesome for social media connections on the selected platforms.I have had windows 10 for a year and only used it maybe 8 times on my laptop to turn it own and run the updates from windows and other associated software updates and firmware spectro and melt updates on the newer laptops or else you could be missing an important phase.For those who already are using Window 7, share several of your experiences – precisely what are your opinion of Windows 7 or do you prefer windows 10 or other operating systems like MAC or LINUX destro’s?There are plenty of softwares to day that are free if the computer affecting eye sight and you can even change the background color of your windows 7 to make it more brighter and even make the fonts bigger if you are typing content and etc.


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