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Computer operating systems have evolved from the early 1990’s and have become one of the most integral software components of a computer system.Without the operating system,being able to use a personal computer would be pointless because it just would not work to your advantage.The operating system is needed for a user to easily and more successfully navigate the computer system without having to know complicated commands and requests.In the early days of computers,operating systems weren’t part of the overall system configuration.Before operating systems was known of, information was manually put into the computer with punch card.The system wasn’t very efficient and required knowledge of punch card machines just to get the desired information from the computer.Microsoft Software | Windows 10 Home 64 Bit System Builder OEM | PC Disc

Then some programmers was very brilliant and understood the mathematical measurement and calculations also known as computing to come up with a operating system.Where termed as a complicated programming language.
Today,there are computer operating systems both already developed as well as currently in development and large groups of programmers and designers help to build all the platforms as of today.Most of these operating systems are designed solely with the user in mind.They allow computer operators to load programs into their computer and then navigate their system with the point of a mouse and the click of a button or the motion of a finger across the screen.There are some computers being tested now for people to use them by sight or through a voice recognition theory.
This is called multitasking and makes it easier to use a computer without having to manage manually.The computers loaded operating system does the computing for you!

A computer operating system will manage your random access memory, your hard disk memory,and the scheduling of tasks.It will also navigate the various programs that are on your computer when you want to open those programs.One of the preferred operating systems today are Microsoft Windows and Appleā€™s Mac OS X.The technology for most computer operating systems came from these two computer giants and other operating systems have evolved over the years.Linux and GNU are operating systems that are popularity, although they are mainly used on mainframe and network system.In fact if we didn’t have the computer operating system we would remain in the dark ages where everything was still on a piece of paper and typed with a type writer and the files would be in a large office cabinet.There would be no social networks in the world.Computers would be useless without a operating system.Microsoft Software | Windows 10 Home 64 Bit System Builder OEM | PC Disc


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