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Windows NT was released by Microsoft Corporation in the late year of 1993 as a successor to be compared from the previous versions of Windows.It was thought to be a high-level language based processor and independent operating system with updated features compatible to Unix systems.What this version provided to Windows complemented work station versions running on MS-DOS.The main design for Windows NT was software portability also the hardware. A26-00009 Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 Complete Product/OEM A26-00009
Windows NT was one of the first of its kind of operating system to have a fully 32-bit version of Windows where its consumer-oriented counterparts Windows 9x and the 3x were hybrids of 32-bit and 16-bit technology.Windows NT 32-bit which was called the“flat”virtual memory addressing on 32-bit processors.Its sister product was the Windows 3.1,which used segmented addressing and switches from 32-bit and 16-bit addressing in pages.

Notably in Windows NT there were several input/output driver subsystems such as printing and video which were user-mode subsystems.The printer spooled,video and the server subsystems were integrated into the kernel server. The first graphical user interface in Windows NT was compatible with the Windows 3.1.The interface of Windows NT was redesigned to match that of Windows 95.
Basically,Windows NT was designed for workstation operating system and to be used basically for professional purposes No longer would users see the black MS-DOS screen requiring a command prompt to load the operating system.In the past users would see a blue screen with the Windows logo as the OS loaded to the desktop automatically.A26-00009 Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 Complete Product/OEM A26-00009


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