Having a software program that can fight against spyware and adware will help to prevent damage from happening to a users computer. In fact,there are new threats everyday,the coders have even come up with updates that can be uploaded automatically keeping everything in check.
There are free software’s to fix computers but i rather pay for a particular software to be able to have a license for that kind of software.

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One good example is Grisoft Group.There software products can handle spyware and adware as well as other threats such as dialer,worms,keylogger,Trojans and other viruses.

Spy bot Search and Destroy is another well used software by millions.Search and destroy is a windows systems, which is being used by popular known websites.

Adware is another known program. If a user use this program for personal use and not commercial,which can be downloaded for free from software sites.Those who use it for commercial purposes will have to pay a small fee.

Those who choose to download and continue to download freebies should always be aware of the spyware and adware program for free on the internet.Most of the freebies are bogus and when downloaded, can cause big problems to a personal computer. This can be prevented by doing some research first and then deciding what to do next.

Computer security should be everyone’s concern.A simple slip up or ignoring spyware or adware can be disastrous at any given point of any download that is free off the internet.


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