So have you thought about Christmas shopping for a new gaming keyboard in other parts of the world because the prices are cheaper are the shipping is discounted.Why?Because there was some discussions i read on reedit about data gathered from the software and certain Wifi chips build into some of the generic keyboards made or refurbished in other countries.Never really thought about it until i read about three different articles on keyloggers which is mixed with different answers and opinions in which where confusing with many opinions on solutions are talking about softwares and drivers that have no signatures in the firmware that was coded to work for some of the keyboards that didn’t really have any brand of original software for installs of the keyboard drivers are packets for the keyboard boards in some keyboards from other parts of the world.

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I guess the information is basically thought to be gathered by some older generic keyboard softwares that are not even updated anymore because the data is not encrypted as of statistics from GPU specs,click speed,clock speed,vendor,display resolution,monitor information,driver settings,motherboard,BIOS info and probable plenty of more information.So there are some solutions as far as stopping the container services and task from the driver stats.
But,the keyboard would not be the main issue with some sort of keylogging but the install firmware,software or drivers would be the culprit right?So how would you know which keyboard would have this extra firmware with a back door if possible for a keylogger to be able to be installed?Well,that would be the hard part!But,there are ways to see if any such thing would be fiction or non fiction like a book right?

So,how would this be characterized as far as spying or rules as in distrust of products and hardwares.What about the sensitive data from a keyboard that maybe connected to the software control lighting and macros where firmware is needed for a generic brand of a keyboard that no one even have heard of before and because there may have only been a thousand of the keyboards manufactured and then the company went bankrupt are out of business are the parts was discontinued as the keyboard boards and no software could be installed for that particular brand of keyboard for a selection of computers are even a custom keyboard.So what about the generic older keyboards or refurbished ones where the keystrokes
are unencrypted.

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Now,there is a big difference in keyboards that do not check or collect the aggregate data,where the drivers only collect the number of times a number or letter is clicked upon and not any passwords collected as data.But,i think there is a opt-out of the telemetry for most brands of keyboards by unchecking the box in the software menu of the settings of the hardware options or drivers associated with the keyboard installations are etc.
Different keyboards have different options and i do not know which brands are keyboards from other international countries.Actually the keyboard would not really be able to do all this without theĀ  software are maybe a special Wifi chip build into the board of the keyboard as mentioned earlier.Especially,a summary press counter per each keyword for creating a heatmap.Yes, it is.The data is the number of times each key has been pressed,and it’s only sent once per session(whenever the software is restarted),presumably as a heatmap with partial are a whole backup.There’s no malicious keylogger; the only bad thing going on here is that the heatmaps aren’t encrypted on some older or even refurbished are cheaper hardware in the boards of the keyboard as i can see from this discussions.Again,this is just a theory and i really do not know

the correct answer to the topic.

This is interesting,because the software does indeed have a keyboard stats collection feature(that a owner of the keyboard have to opt into and out of)that is suppose to create a heatmap of your usage.It’s still thought of to be not accurate for sending info anywhere without the user’s permission,but at least it would be slightly less a remit for it to be sending heatmap info rather than specific sequences of pressed keys.Again it may just be a failure analysis for the reason the software is heatmapped for data on returned keyboards to have data on the defective boards are the failure rate of the total cycles correlate to the keyboard failure.So if this was open source software it would be the way to go while installing a custom keyboard if you do not know the brand and if it was purchased in certain international countries.Now if the keylogger is in the keyboard related software and not the flashed software firmware then what would be the conclusion with certain type of refurbished keyboards?Now,one would worry when you can find the code online free just modify the configuration file and follow the PDF manual on how to flash the chip and even with a USB with a microcontroller.Now would it be better to just write your own firmware for the keyboard install and driver loader or open source options?

Now modified firmware in sequence power on in the command prompts in return of the insert of the macro.Now what if the con-figure software or program was generic and had been written in code that was wrapped and had no updates in ten years.Would older computer keyboards from the middle 80’s have the option for firmware to update the data to be encrypted with the firmware designed today to work on older are out dated keyboards and hardware or firmware?
So would custom hardware or firmware on the keyboard.Can malicious codes be installed into a board?I guess malicious codes can be installed in any computer like coin miners being installed on microwaves and other electronics.Remember it is not really the keyboard it is from compromised softwares for certain keyboards unless a microchip is added for WiFi in a keyboard that also has the data function capacity of uploaded software that can be used for data keylogging.How do we know what Wifi chip for wireless keyboards can be reprogrammed for particular data collections.There are so may answers to this topic and with so many generic made electronics today how do we know what software was used to update the keyboard to be installed on another computer?Again,this is just a theory and i really do not know the correct answer to the topic.But,99% of keyboards has no such issues and are very safe.But there is always 1% of keyboards that may have been purchased from a estate sale,computer parts liquidation sale,auction computer parts sale and any other type of sale where individuals resale keyboards that where custom built are parts that had been manufactured with certain chips installed for mining data are for software options.So basically there is no collection of data where every computer part in the world is manufactured and who makes it,buys it and resale it right?
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