Could you imagine having all your important files,pictures,music and content that really means alot to you and because it maybe videos and images of family,grand parents and old pictures that can not be replaced.So,one day you click your mouse on your home computer and you see malicious blockers displayed of a huge image on your screen preventing access to files are even the operating system controls and the computer was compromised and having to pay through a SMS message to a premium phone number to unlock your files on your own computer.Now you are trying to think what to do next to prevent ransonware viruses from causing this problem.As said in the description of the unlock file process,as holding your computer files,images,encrypting your files as in means of payment are ransom to get your computer unlocked by the bad actor.Especially,when you have a older operating system on your computer because alot of individuals who own computers still have windows XP and even Windows 2000 still running on there computer with a older antivirus and a web browser that is out of date with no updates for the last 4-8 years.

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Now should the operating system honor the update of older version of operating systems?I think so!Some do and some don’t!Now if you have a Linux or Mac then there is a little to any chance of ransomware occurring on your computer.But,in reality any operating system of a computer,mobile device that has program files in a operating system of a OS or IOS system that has to have updates and can be hacked or infected by a large number of viruses.Even if you have a crypto currency mining computer that mines digital currency can be hacked and maybe most likely to have a higher chance in percentage of a malware or infection or trojans in that mining rig.Al operating systems has to open are send or collect packets from pings from file data structures that are sent and received by messages.Most of the coin wallets have to receive messages that are associated with some sort of packet because of the code structure of the coin code and block chain of the cryptrocoin.Ransomware has plenty of off springs of this type of malware.Think about softwares are applications that are made to encrypt files on a computer to make it safe and not being able to be opened because the file is not decrypted.Well,what if the developer of that application decides to not update that software and then maybe called abandonware.Well,if that application failed then hopeful that application will reset the files back to the original stance. Remember,always keep a back up of your files on a USB drive.

Over the years cryptocurrencies have been the major talk in the digital currency with bit-coin moving to a all out new high over 10,0000 a coin.Would you have ever imagined that this digital coin would have become so valuable in the last 9 years?Yes,there is encrypting ransonware because of not having the knowledge are no how to protect there electronics from cybersecurity or encrypts from ransomware like the WanaCry exploit not to long ago from bad actors.They can do it because there are alternatives to cover actions by using crytocurrencies coding to encrypt a whole computer.Make sure whatever antivirus you are using on your computer or mobile device has some sort of software to help prevent malware and protect your electronics from malicious Trojans,WanaCry are other infections that may compromise a computer operating system.I have a security software and anti virus running on windows and VMare with Shadow Defender running in the back ground.Now,that is my setup because it is a special designed server.There are anti-viruses that are computable with others that may be able to run together own some operating systems with the right settings and with plenty of trial and error.Now if you know anything about crypto coins then you know about miners that does complex calculations with digital code in a block chain of the coin wallet connections that usually uses alot of electricity on a video card on a computer if the computer is using the coin software to mine for blocks of code to find or mine digital coins like bit-coins.
Now with web mining it has different developments by inserting miners in softwares are applications are even bot codes to implement directly in the browser.and it is known as a type of mining scheme by visiting a website that connects to the web browser that then downloads a script that makes the computer mine for coins.

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