Most computer owners suggest that having a free anti-virus is just as good as some paid anti virus or security softwares.But,it may differ in opinion because of what needs is associated within computer security and to be able to protect the operating system of a computer from viruses are all the encrypted associated Trojans today that will cause a operating system to go rogue.Over the years free anti-viruses have come along ways over the years in improving the database of the software application to be able to store the patches in a updated algro to help stop viruses from attaching to operating system files such as HIKEY files in the associated operating system of a number of operating system types.Today,nearly every type of operating system needs some sort of antivirus software and even security software as a primary are secondary line of defense for computers and even for mobile device operating systems and other IOS’s.
McAfee 2018 AntiVirus – 1 PC
Now there are different con-figs in the settings of a computers operating systems that can be set to run two different softwares to help protect the operating system from getting a virus.Even today there are apps and extensions and add ons that can be applied to computer browsers to help stop the infection of a virus from attaching through the browsers and other softwares that have been installed on a computer system.
AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android phones and tablets

If you decide on a free ntivirus are paid anti-virus you know what protection you need for your device are operating system.But,when a computer is in use everyday then there are reasons to use a paid antivirus over free anti viruses.


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