Is your Avchost.exe a virus are real are is a sneak attack with a replacement svchost.As technology gets more savvy the exploiting gets more tense because of technology and with all the vulnerabilities today with non updated operating systems are ios systems which cause DDos attacks that can basically render your computer networks by a smurf program that finds the vulnerabilities of your Internet Protocol(IP)and also the Internet Control Message Protocols(CMO).As we know malware comes in many shapes,sizes and attitudes which majority of the viruses create some sort of packet that usually attaches to a false IP address.

It is basically,known as spoofing with a attached file to a email for choice and a individual may open the email and the attached file in the email are from a simple bad website clicked upon can cause some malware introductions. Either way the ICMP pings the message asking nodes to receive the packet by receiving a loop back are ping with a reply then the replies send back to the network IP addresses setting up a infinite loop.Basically,it is sending a malicious packet to every IP address on your network.Remember,the smurf Trojan usually is a higher percentage of infection through a download on a unverified website are infected email link with a attached bad file from a bad actor.

Echo Dot (2nd Generation) – Black

So if you have yahoo or gmail are even your domain email address and you are not sure about a email with a attached file are the email itself.Then,hover over the link and copy the link down and run the link through the search engines like Google,Bing are Yahoo and etc.You will usually receive results from the search of the link.Now usually,the file is checked with a attached packet from a email but not all email services offer this virus check from engines online.Now you can block ICMP echo ping response on majority of windows operating system platforms.Just do a simple search“Windows firewall-how block ICMP echo ping response”?Just remember fake Avchost.exe can conclude to the results as a surf Trojan from sample attached files in a email are even a bad email clicked upon are from a infected website or domain and most ever bad links clicked upon.


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