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There are thousands of people who download some type of file nearly every minute of the day are something from a torrent site and the next thing that happens,your computer starts to act strange.This is usually the beginning of all kind of computer issues.After fact a computer system has been infiltrated by a virus that could be combined in between spyware or adware.A computer virus can shutdown a whole entire computer that could cost the owner a lot of money just to have it repaired.Hopeful a person has a backup of there computer system files or a repair disk for there operating systems. But what about spyware and adware? How dangerous are these?

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Spyware are termed as such a set of programs coded to retrieve a certain amount of information back to the programmer.This may include personal information, credit information and anything else such as website or information stored on a persons computer. Whoever is sending out the software or compiler of a program can use this information for identity purposes are just to simple inquire information about a website and to also to use the information for criminal purposes.

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Adware can be another whole resolution which will show pop up ads that are really quite annoying even if the person did not log into that site.A persons computer that is infected by adware can show fake viruses in the computer in which a computer user will click on the scan your computer to fix the issue are pay to remove the fake virus.

This is still a major problem still as of today,there are certain software programs that have various versions of spyware and adware programs to help get rid of the program that was downloaded by a user. The program will first eliminate the compiler or the exe.file that is usually attached to the operating systems command files in the computer and then create a firewall to keep the virus from reoccurring again.Usually a person will have to wipe the whole hard drive and install the operating systems and windows files on the infected computer as a fresh install.

That is why it is important to have a anti-virus software installed on a computer to prevent viruses from being installed and catch the bad virus before it is downloaded to your computer.I have seen some spyware and adware that would high jack the system files and jump from file to file.That is why it is called a computer virus.Then you have to purchase expensive software to clean out the bug from your computer system.This type of software can be either purchased from a retail store or downloaded from a software website,which usually comes with a free trial period are a purchase of a software license.

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