Online page seo is very important for any business website online.It doesn’t matter what niche your brand or business
is similar to.This is a great tool which is called seotools for excel.This add on has alot of different features for website metrics and page analysis and also debugging.Remember having the right tools make a difference in understanding the way seo works for on page placement.Most businesses pay for seo services and don’t know there are free or cheap tools on line that give them the same results instead of having to pay a couple of hundreds dollars to other services that is going to use the same tools and even bot trafficThere are some descent online seo services but there are some noob sites who goto to other sites online and only pay a dollar are two to contract out the seo work and make almsot 98% of there works.Especially when you want to avoid duplicate content when writing your articles or text.If want to do some domain research or get google analytic’s of a website or just analyzing or monitoring social media or backlinks.This add on is a must have if you are serious about ranking and seo of your website.
SeoTools for Excel