Seems like every hour you turn around there is the latest and greatest new internet marketing ebook that is sure to make you rich.How many times have you seen that topic in the headlights. If you’re an internet marketer chances are really good that you’ve spent you $50 for nothing by an ebook that was all fluff and absolutely no value.What makes it so bad is that everything in the eBook was found free on the internet..Or worse yet, the author, deliberately leaves out step number four that leaves you scratching your head over how to execute the method that the author subscribed.Guess what you have to buy the next edition!We have all seen the tricks of the trade in eBook selling.
People are really serious about learning the process or methods to build an successful online business.I am not talking about every author that writes a eBook.Because there are some excellent written seo eBooks on the internet.But there are also rehashed PLR converted to a eBook that cost $50 dollars.I don’t really think that is considered a business.Believe i have seen my share of those eBooks online.I remember reading a seo report that had the same information as ten other different reports had.It was just reworded.

I rather become a wealthy affiliate marketer the right way.What about those free eBooks that claim they can teach you how to make money online with zero investment internet marketing techniques.To be honest there is no technique online where you want have to spend at least $5 to $20 bucks.There are alot of internet marketing theories that have been around for decades start for zero cost.Yes you may find a couple times that you don’t have to spend any money.But it will be using free blog platforms and free web hosting and a free domain.Cheapest i have ever started a online business was $4 dollars.That was not counting the $20 a month for aweber.You have to have a email service to be able to build a list and send out email the legit way.I have yet not found a way to do all of this for free.The only way you might get any of this for free is that someone gives you a domain-web hosting and free email services.You may get the first two free.But the email service like aweber i think you want get free.i think the first month is for $1 dollar if they are still running a promotion.You can get a .99 cent domain usually from Go and you can find promo codes for $1 dollar web hosting and promo code for aweber are some other email and auto respondent services for a $1 dollar the first month.That is a total of $3 and whatever your fees are for transactions.So it will be $4 dollars.The start up costs are supposed to be minimal and there are some techniques which require no money at all which only comes around maybe twice a year.But with zero start i highly doubt that!.
The different in the fact that although the techniques presented are not necessarily brand new, these zero investment internet marketing techniques are said to be practiced in depth and then explained in a way that is supposed to be a 100% method that works.

If you’re new to internet marketing and you want to start a website are online business,then you should know that a number of standard website promotion techniques can be in-expensive to start but over all is average after the month when the promo code is expired and the prices go back to the regular prices.If you aren’t sure what you are signing then read the TOS and ask questions before you order anything off the internet. Here are some examples of what can be considered zero investment marketing techniques.
Zero internet marketing techniques are not the hot new thing this year. They’ve been around for years now and are not 100% true most of the time.So always research what will be your best options.Because being cheap can cost in the long run.


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