Why do website advertisements lose so much money on there outsourced blogs and other advertisement websites.The main reason is stupid comments as spam comments that does not make any since left by spammers and spun comments.If you want to stop comment spamming then run there url of there site through virus scan and you will know which spammer is using different proxies on comments.If the website companies who spend alot of money to out source there blog advertisement would setup there own blogs and forums and monitor there comments,manually check the comments and traffic then they want lose half the traffic and page rank than with the same seo comments left that does not have any rank and there emails are hidden with proxies.Web hosting blogs need to start spending more money on scripts to stop the spammers all together.Because over all your website will suffer and they will still be making money off of your lose of page rank and link ratio.So monitor your spam comments and you will know which comments are real and what bot or script is automated in virtual box and certain operating systems.

Well here is a little trick to know where the same spammer comment is coming from.

Goto any virustotal site and check the url for viruses from the comments on your blog.If the url is clear then make sure you watch the next comment url checked in the virustotal site box.If you see the site has already been checked then you will be able to tell what comment is masked with a proxy because the comment may have a different email because of a proxy.The virustotal site can tell if the comments are from the same comment that may have 50 different proxies and emails .

You will be able to decide which comments are real and which comments are automated are spam.Make sure to check the site manually because all comments are not spam and you don’t want to lose a real comment from a website that has taken the time to write a comment on your site.So be cautious and know the difference between legit comments and advertisement spam comments and links in the comment is a no!no!

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