Alot of people see the pocket bike and really like the new style and forget about paying especially close attention to specific features,the controls,options and features that are added to the pocket bike from the manufacture,special tax end sales on particular mopers and not asking the right questions can result in you buying a 50cc pocket bike that just don’t suit your riding styles,too low to the ground or that you don’t really want,or even worse, can’t use because the pocket bike just want compete the way you thought it would like on the advertisement.

MotoTec Gas Pocket Bike Motorcycle -Black – Non CA compliant

Why we think about 50cc pocket bikes we think it looks bigger than what it actually is like on the pocket bike video.Believe it or not the 50cc older style Yamaha dirt bikes was similar is size as the 100cc’s.What use
will your 50cc pocket bike be used for.Will it be more like a short time recreation rider or will you be racing?If you have decided that it will be used for recreational purposes then the 50cc pocket bike may need to be thought of as what type of landscape with the bike be ridden on and you have no intention of racing,you can expect to pay about $400-900 or a little more.A very reasonable price.It’s a completely different story if you want to race a pocket bike because the setup is usually different than the average recreational pocket bike.If you eventually plan to race your new pocket bike,it can be very costly up to $7000 to get what you want. The price difference is quickly determined from racing pocket bike to a recreational pocket bike and it is important to know why you have to know what you’re investing in.

Generic 40CC 4-Stroke Gas Power Mini Pocket Motorcycle Ride-on, White/Black, EPA Certificated

Generally you will find a selection of brands,series styles,power difference and countires that design particular pocket bikes you are looking at may have been made in one of two places.There are the pocket bikes that are built are manufactured in Italy,and there are pocket bikes that are manufactured or built in China.The bikes made in Italy are typically quality bikes.Higher quality also brings a higher price tag,but once again what you should be willing to spend on a 50cc pocket bike depends on the use.If the bike is going to be used mainly as for recreational purposes,then shop for the pocket bikes made from China,because the difference is not that noticeable except for the recreational or racing options between the two countries who manufacture the pocket bikes.If you’re looking to race,Italy pocket bikes maybe a better choice.

Keep in mind pocket bikes are called pocket bikes for a good reason and may not be very comfortable,due to the lower frame and seating and small size -unless you are very small or a kid.So,comfort isn’t going to be a reality with these type of pocket bikes,however,you have to make sure the pocket bike isn’t to short for the rider when full control of the bike at all times has to work for a particular person to be able to ride the bike without grounding out.Sit on the bike before buying it at a store are a test run,and make sure that you can ride the pocket bike and your knees are not hitting the bike handle bars,like the exhaust pipe,and that you’re comfortable controlling the bike.

If you order a pocket bike online are off line make sure to talk to a pocket bike dealer to find out what questions you needed answered and what spare parts are available for the bike that has to be replaced regularly,and what parts maybe discontinued are not manufactured anymore by that brand of pocket bike.Find out what parts need to be replaced often and what services are needed on that particular model or brand of pocket bike.Remember,there are plenty of different 50cc pocket bikes on the market.So always try to shop wisely.Also,find out if there is a knowledgeable pocket bike mechanic at the dealership,or in your area as city or state, that is capable of making repairs if needed,and inquire about warranties as well as time frame of the coverage and what parts are covered,the same types of information you would need if you where shopping for a new car or motorcycle.Make an informed decision while shopping for a new pocket bike and make it a enjoyable investment.


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