Is flash-player still being used by coders and programmers in the internet world?Are could it just be the application itself that eats up resources in websites and even in code.The runtime might have alot to play with all the resource usage.Maybe that is why ads are getting replaced with no flash objects in the banners and flashing advertisement.I really liked Adbe flash player when it was one of the most softwares on the internet.It was used for all sort of website projects and applications.I enjoyed the the flex/actionscrpt while developing applications for websites.I never understood why flash player didn’t open source there product where some programmers could make the software more eco friendlier.Especially if the performance of the runtime could be boosted in performance where the player wouldn’t use so much resources with the computers.But Adbe flashplayer will be used regardless because of internal
applications that are still in flex that can’t be replaced to work with newer coding and scripts and applications
within a platform.


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