Why use a simple curl command such as CL1 command compared to Chrome developer tools which use the same command lines.With a webhock sent to the api of the string in the script would only prop information for the script than the new api.Especially if you had to send the command to the server.What about the flags,user agent,cookies,which the Chrome/chromiums developer tools would do the same functions.The curl can make a request if you need to test your server faster than the httpie.There are other browsers like Chrome and many more that allow a build in the curl commands in the network tab alone.But certain online tools doesn’t escape the url correctly.The problem within the curl command lines of the code would be the “?” or the “&”in basic sense with the command line with in the shell.Especially dealing with the parameters and the command structure within the string of line.You can also use the JS library that will generate the commands with proper escaping and the bracing used in closed commands.Remember especially if you have a vps or server where your dump files are large and you want to view the log and the pattern of the php or javascript instead of having to search through 50 dump files on your server.
Mac OS X version 10.6.3 Snow Leopard (Mac computer with an Intel processor required)


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