This is a free code website where you can learn different computer languages and coding for free.The site is called
code-academywhich is one of my favorites where i have learn alot from Javascript,jQuery.PHP,HTML,Ruby or Rails,and
you will find plenty of tutorials and videos on this website for free.Join here!

jQuery: jQuery Tutorial for Beginners Learn in Simple and Easy ways

JQUERY: In 8 Hours, For Beginners, Learn Coding Fast! JQuery Programming Language Crash Course, A Quick Start Guide, Tutorial Book with Hands-On Projects, In Easy Steps! An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide!

I really like this site where you can earn badges when you learn different levels of Ruby language and get some experience from Rails developers on this website.Rails for zombies has some very easy learning material where you can get some experience from this website with Ruby language.Why not explore the Ruby on Rails web framework from whatever browser you use.Each course or level starts out with a video which is easy to follow.You don’t have to be no expert to follow the easy instructions of the website.You can write programs right from your browser and also get some badges to show off what you have learned on this awesome website with Ruby and Rails with framework right from your computer browser.Join here!

Why not start with Ruby right now!Give it a try with the Ruby programming language from Japan.Why not try this site now and get a little understanding of the basics of Ruby computer language.I find Ruby to be one of the best computer languages on the net.You have a choice to start a 15minute interactive tutorial right now if you want to learn this type of language and then go and join now free here!

Why not try this awesome computer language and code from jQuery which has a wide selection of
a awesome interactive console challenge with the option to learn this awesome code and with plenty of videos where you can get
badges from different levels of learning this language.This site has 14 videos with 71 code challenges and the chance to earn
six badges at this awesome website called j Query.Go join now if you want to learn some great code here!jQuery (A to Z): Complete Guide of jQuery Coding

Is one of my favorite websites that teach a little bit of a wide selection of different computer coding and scripting.Why not learn how to master the Ruby skills with a learning curve with a dynamic sustainable applications offered from this website.Another computer language which is JavaScript in which is one of the most popular computer languages on the computer today.HTML/CSS is one of the oldest coding that has been around for a while and is still strong in the coding of language development.
JQUERY: JQuery Programming, Learn Coding Fast! (With 100 Tests & Answers for Interview) Crash Course, A Quick Start Tutorial Book with Hands-On Projects. In Easy Steps! An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide!

Again this website called Code school which will help anyone who wants to learn coding with web technologies which can be used right from your computer browser also and this website has plenty of video lessons and coding challenges for you.Join here now!

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