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Will all sites have to convert HTTP to HTTPS SOON?Well that is a good question if you have not been keeping up with the updates on the topic.Could you imagine all the sites that have http for over 10 years and all the back-links that they have as internal and external back links converting to HTTPS.One thing that is really got me worried is all the backlinks with HTTP will be lost.Really have to look at all the sites that are not using a SSL certificate which you will have to resort to protocol relative URLs,But i think that only applies to having both HTTP and HTTPS URLs.What are the search engines going to do with all the HTTP url’s that have been indexed for a number of years where website owners have written articles on other sites and the old URL is HTTP and the domain of the author is long gone.How would you switch to HTTPS when a domain is no longer registered to a new domainer?

Think about the website owners and webmaster that have over 2,000 domains who have to buy that expensive SSL and there are no bulk options in the price.If you own 2,000 domains i hope you will get a deal when the domain registry is offering $1 or $2 dollar SSl cost per domain.That is still going to cost some money.Maybe it is time to sale off some domains and convert the websites to tier 1 or tier 2 for the money sites.Are there any options?But the whole idea of the SSl certificate is the encrypted security part of the website.Alright,what if the SSL websites with HTTPS is going to be part of the ranking algoration?That is a huge question that makes me nervous for sure.I know a SSL site looks trustworthy and that trustworthy badge is going to be popping up on the statistics sites of each domain.

Just think about the idea if there where no spamming going on!Then there would not be any reason for the HTTPS right?Another thing to consider is the heartbleed debacle.If you convert are have already converted all your domains and sites to HTTPS then make sure the images are converted also to HTTPS.I have already seen the famous CSS theme cleaning of HTTP urls which you will be doing alot of search and replace and pray that your theme want break.Also don’t forget about all the tier sites and the CDN sub-domains conversions.I just hope you have started a new site and don’t have to worry about the conversion.That is why i always save all my articles to a text file just incase i have to repost them to a new HTTPS url permalink.That is not all you will have to config.You may have to configuration the HTTPS & SSL web server
config.It is according to what web hosting you have and what sort of shared ip or dedicated isp.There maybe more resources used on your server because of the config of balancing good traffic and bad traffic to your domain.So count on more cache files i would imagine for some web host.Then you have to config your NGINX so the search engines DNS can reso;ve the certificate file that holds the entire certificate chain.See encrypted processes have a chain almost like digital currency has a block chain if you have ever messed around with digital currencies block chain or bat files and the inf.If you are a noob and totally lost with the whole process of HTTPS and SSL certificates then think about your web hosting server where the client has to validity of there domain or server certficate using an online certificate status protocol(OCSP)records are by using a certificate revocation list like(CRL)which takes a while to download that list for sure.

So go lightweight and use the OCSP because it only retrieves one record at a time.But there are going to be some 3rd party OCSP rsponders while connecting to the server.See the DoS can still prob i imagine when the responder is validation mode.That is why there cached record during the TLS roundtrip between the client and the responder which is termed as Stapling.See there is alot of setup for some web host i would imagine because of the firewall exception to allow the outbound connection from the server to the upstream responders.Then you may have to test the open ssl command to be able to connect to the website.If you are going to buy a SSL certificate to convert to HTTPS make sure there is a dynamic module integration through the TCP with enhancement to the ngin script with the load balancing feature for the geoP2.If you want to research this more then search OCSP Stapling on nginx.

You will have to add a server level redirect from http to https and also research listen on port also to get a better understanding.Which you can find this in your run command through cmd run command in admin and a couple of other command lines to see all the traffic connected to the port.Before you purchase a SSL certificate for your domain and website make sure you understand the basics of what the HTTPS

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